Bertrand Coiffier Award 2022

The scientific committee of the Bertrand Coiffier Prize designated the 2022 winner at the beginning of July. Côme Bommier’s project at the Mayo Clinic was selected:

Endpoints in marginal zone lymphomas: evaluation of a surrogate marker for PFS and assessment of emerging prognostic markers

The award was presented during the 7th LYSA Days in Lille in October 2022 by representatives of ELI and LYSA

LYSA, through its Endowment Fund, and ELI (the European Lymphoma Institute) have decided to create a prize for young practitioners (clinicians and hospital biologists) in the course of their internship or post-internship, and wishing to pursue their activity in lymphoma research, in order to help them in their mobility

Next call for proposals in spring 2023

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Bertrand Coiffier

Le conseil d’administration de ELI a la tristesse de vous faire part du décès du Pr. Bertrand Coiffier survenu le 2 janvier 2019 à l’âge de 71 ans. Bertrand Coiffier a initié et conduit pendant trente ans la recherche en France sur le lymphome. Puis il avait...